Can I order a sample?

In most cases, yes. Please write to us at support@prospecttrade.com and mention the webpage address or link of the product that you like via email. Once received, we’ll check the availability of the sample with the supplier and notify you of the sample delivery cost. Please note that the seller may charge a premium for samples.

I have an online shop, can I receive a CSV file to import on my site?

Yes! During the process of communication, you just need to inform us about it and we’ll send you the file.

Why do you have different prices for different quantities applicable for some products?

Generally speaking, the higher the quantities, the lower the prices!

The production or manufacturing process of many of our items usually involve a fixed cost. This fixed cost is distributed across the total quantity of the product and as a result, the base price of the product may vary depending on the quantities that you are ordering.

What is production monitoring?

Once a custom order is confirmed, we provide the service of tracking key milestones through the production process of your order. The tracking process starts from the pre-production phase and continues until the goods are packed. We are consistently in touch with the supplier throughout the process and keep you updated on the status of your order. Each product type/production method has a different monitoring process to ensure that all the key activities are tracked.

What is Quality Inspection?

For any order placed on our platform, we provide quality inspection services. For custom orders, the inspection service involves inspection of the products during as well as post-production. This is done at the seller factory/facility and we check the products against the order details to ensure that the products delivered match the order specification.

What if there is an issue with my order?

You can always write to us at support@prospecttrade.com and we will resolve your issue. To report any issue with the order delivered, we would need some material proof e.g. images, videos, etc. which we can share with the seller. Therefore, we request that you to take the following steps to ensure that we can provide the fastest, satisfactory resolution:
• Take a video of the shipment package while unboxing.
• If there is any discrepancy between the sample and the product delivered, we request you to share the image of the product and sample side by side and mention the issue that you are facing.
• Please share clear images/videos from different angles of any defect that you may notice on the product. Please note that handcrafted items, unlike factory-made products, always have some degree of variance. Please read the disclaimers carefully on the product page or in your custom order quotation.

Is it safe to transact on Prospect Trade?

Absolutely! From a technology perspective, we are GDPR compliant – the EU General Data Protection Regulation which went into effect on May 25, 2018.

What Payment mechanisms do you accept?

International Bank Transfer – We can share our bank details, and you can make an international SWIFT transfer from your bank almost anywhere in the world to our primary bank account.

What will be the payment terms for my order?

The payment terms is communicated to you in advance by our team during the process of ordering.

What is a Proforma invoice?

A proforma invoice is a preliminary copy of the invoice sent to buyers in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods. Pro-forma invoice typically describes the details and cost of purchased items. We share the Proforma Invoice, immediately after you place the order and will email you a copy of the invoice with the final billing amount at the time of dispatch or closer to delivery.

How can I get the invoice for my order?

We share the necessary document within 24 hours of successful delivery.

Need further help?

We’re happy to help. You can always share your questions and issues by writing to us at support@prospecttrade.com and we will make sure that your issue is resolved timely manner.

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