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Prospect Trade is a B2B wholesaling platform designed as a reliable partner where entrepreneurs around the world can source on-trend high quality products for their businesses (retail, e-commerce, hotels, restaurants etc.) Every day we strive to build strong partner relations across our network and select manufacturers that are 100% verified by our inner criteria. Behind PT there is a young team experienced in e-commerce, finance and marketing, hence we understand your needs as an entrepreneur and are here to cater to them.

We believe that the best client is the satisfied client by extension and that the whole supply chain must be digitally configured as an efficient ecosystem.

There aren’t any upfront joining costs and from the moment of contact with us, you get a dedicated account manager so you don’t have to coordinate with multiple vendors. We believe that the purchase is not a one-time act but a self-affirming attitude over time, so you can always rely on us before and after the sale. The process is as easy as it can be and consists of the following steps: 1) browsing among our digital catalog 2) sending an inquiry to us, 3) we’ll contact you for the details and the order confirmation, 4) you receive the order. We strive to make the process even easier and tailored to our customers needs. We added RRP to every product and after receiving the actual prices you can easily calculate your profit margin. The prices you receive are based on the general principle: higher quantities equal lower prices.

There is always a prospect for success.

As you’ve already seen on our home page, we have four core values that we respect regarding our products: eco friendly, finest quality, handmade and social good.

We recommend you to read our FAQ page for more information.

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