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What’s the process?

1. Browse products and send an inquiry
2. We'll contact you for the details
3. Confirmation of your order
4. Receive it

Why work with our sourcing network?

  • No upfront costs to join
  • Account manager so that you don’t have to coordinate with multiple vendors
  • Secure payments in major global currencies
  • One-stop sourcing platform
  • 100% of the sellers are verified
  • Indicative RRP relative to wholesale prices as a benchmark for the profit margin
  • Claim management
  • CSV file for e-commerce

What are your benefits?

  • Unique products
  • Coordinate delivery times
  • Safety packaged goods
  • EXW prices – remove seller’s value-added for shipping
  • Inspect goods before dispatch
  • Competitive wholesale prices based on MOQ
  • Industry-leading delivery times
  • Growing selection of products at great prices
  • Final invoice – all necessary documents

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Eco friendly
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Eco friendly
Finest quality
Social good
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